• Open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu consists of traditional pub food that is fresh and fulling. You will find most of your favorite traditional pub food on the menu.

Ferry Hotel

Smorgasboard Menu

Meats (Choose 3 from 8)

Roast – Pork/ Chicken/ Rump

Gravies – Plain/ Mushroom

Chilli/ Marinated Chicken Nibbles/ Mushroom & Chicken Fettuccine Pork Chop Suey/ Beef Stir fry Sour Cream Peppered Beef

Potatoes (Choose 1* from 2)

Road Potatoes

Scallop Potatoes

Salads (Choose 4 * from 9)


Hot/ Cold – Curried/ Chilli/ Plain Surimi

Lettuce & Greens

Kumara & Walnut

Potato Salad Hot/ Cold

Bacon & Avocado Pasta



Devine Desserts (choose 3* from 8)


Homemade Pavlova

Fruit Salad

Lemon Meringue

Banoffi Pie

Choc/ French Vanilla Mousse Explosion

Chocolate Lasagne

Garlic Bread

Dining Menu

Pork Chops

Served with Gravy & Apple Sauce

Cajun Lamb Chops $25.00
Scotch Fillet Steak One $25.00
Two $35.00
Crumbed Weiner Schnitzel $22.00
Chicken Schnitzel $22.00
Coconut Chicken
Seafood Platter

Crabstick/ Squid Ring/ Fish/ Scallops/ Prawn twister, popcorn shrimp


All meals above served with Salad/ Coleslaw/ Chips/ Wedges or hot veges

Burger/ Chips $12.00
Nachos $15.00
Mushroom & Chicken Fettuccine $25.00
Garlic Bread $5.00
Shrimp Cocktail $10.50
Crumbed Scallops $12.50


Eggs $1.00
Onions $2.00
Mushrooms $4.00